4 tips for College Students to Avoid Procrastinating with Their Online Work


If you take classes online, chances are you probably procrastinate from time to time.

Procrastination is putting off starting or finishing a task despite knowing that it will seriously compromise the quality of your work – for instance, putting off a major class project until the last minute.


Here are four tips that can help students deal better with the root causes of procrastination when it comes to online coursework.

1. Manage motivation

When students find that their academic tasks are interesting, important and useful, they are more likely to try harder to get them done and less likely to put them off.

2. Manage goals, tasks and time

Many college students must juggle coursework, social events and work commitments at the same time. Getting more organized helps stave off procrastination. This means breaking long-term goals into smaller short-term, challenging and clear goals and tasks.

3. Create a good learning space

Another important way to avoid procrastination is to make sure that your learning environment is supportive for learning.

4. Get a little help from friends

Friends and classmates can help one another stop procrastinating. Colleagues and other contacts can hold one another accountable and help one another meet deadlines. This is particularly important for anyone who struggles with self-control.

Source: theconversation.com