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Beykoz University is an exemplary university at international standards who believes that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.

Beykoz University is a non-profit foundation university, established in 2016 in one of the most beautiful and historical districts of Istanbul. The foundation for Beykoz University was built upon the first ‘thematic vocational school’ in Turkey; Beykoz Logistics Collage of Higher Education, which was founded and established by TURLEV (Turkish Logistics Studies and Educational Foundation) in 2008. Today the collage continues to preserve its thematic structure under the roof of Beykoz University.

Beykoz University provides high quality technical education and training in a multicultural and international environment and offers opportunities and recognition to its students through partnerships and collaborations that it has developed with other countries.

With the strong motivation of training qualified work force in the logistics sector, Beykoz University predominately focuses on applied training in vocational areas and encourages students to grow into creative and innovative individuals who are able to think critically and can adapt easily to the ever-changing global conditions. Having embraced the John Dewey quote “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” the university has adopted a progressive school system. Beykoz University provides “International Quality Assurance” to all students with curriculum programmes that are in harmony with international universities.

Beykoz University has been a proud home for many graduates who have become creative, competitive and qualified individuals on an international level and are shaping the logistic sector today.

Master Programmes



Beykoz University is one of the most popular Turkish universities for international students.

  • 3.800 Students
  • 114+ International Students
  • 60 Programmes
  • There are students from 20 different countries.
  • 3+1, 7+1 Internship Enriched Curriculum Framework
  • Student Centred Education and Training
  • Strong Academic Infrastructure
  • Internationally Recognized Quality Assurance
  • Competency Development Programme
  • Comprehensive Personal Development Programmes and Activities
  • Academic Counselling and Career Planning
  • Success Follow-Up System
  • Certificate of Competency Development
  • Euro pass Documents and Certificates
  • Alumni Follow-Up and Support System
  • Life-long Learning Support
  • Education Closely Linked with the Business World
  • Participation of Students in Research Projects
  • Well-equipped Laboratories and Workshops
  • Multinational Multicultural Campus and Classroom Environment

– 26 Students Clubs

– 3 Sports Clubs: Football, Basketball, Volleyball

– English Medium of Instruction Programmes

– Turkish Medium of Instruction Programmes

– Excellent Location

– City Campuses: Kavacık, Beykoz, Zincirlikuyu, Kadıköy​​

Address: Vatan Caddesi No:69, 34805 Beykoz Istanbul Turkey

“I’m the student of Beykoz University Aviation Management department. Make your dreams come true by coming to Beykoz University.”
Oleksandra Didusenko, Ukraine

“I’m also telling them, students from other countries, from abroad, from Africa, from over the World, they should come and join the Beykoz University because I had a quite good experience.”
Fredy Turatsinze, Ruanda

“The social activities in Istanbul is actually great. I’m in the football club. Beykoz is a great university for you to apply. It’s so wonderful and awesome and I know you will get the same experience, you have as well. So, I urge you to just apply and come to Beykoz University.”
Panashe Karongah, Zimbabwe

“I’m very excited being here in Beykoz University. We have lots of clubs that you can socialize, from diving to football, from history to theatre, dance and so on. I recommend you come to our family and be a part of it. Our teachers always help us in any situation if you have a problem about the courses, anything else, in your normal life or educational life. They are always there for you.”
Safiya Isparilov, Russia

“Teachers always try to help. We can go to the museums or spend time here or other places, also here some dance clubs and there is a lot of clubs I know, like movies and something like this. Turkish people and Turkish students will always understand your situation and be very kind and helpful. Also, for me, Turkey has a good level of education.”
Sinem Kochak, Kazakhistan

“I made many good friends who are ready to help me at any time. I really appreciat the hospitality of people at this University. My suggestion for those students who wants to come to Turkey and Istanbul is to study at Beykoz University because this university is very new and there are so many different courses and subjects that you can choose. The students and all the teachers are very friendly.”
Nazym Yembergenkyzy, Poland

“The admission was really easy. The International Office were fabulous, amazing actually and the professors here. They actually help you, they support you and they are always there for you when you need something. My advice, if you guys heard or someone told you about Beykoz and you’re still hesitating to come here, I’ll say don’t do. As if students and teachers over here we’re like a big family, so my advice is come here, and I’ll be waiting for you guys here.”
Abdullahi Farah Abdi, England

“We have here international staff who completely speaks English, introducing the university and helped me transfer all my credits to this new university. I’m really happy studying here as the programme is completely in English and the staff is very helpful. As coming to Turkey, it was really nice to find out how easy it is to commute to university using public transportation which is really affordable for students. The food here is wonderful, it’s really like home and I enjoy my life here.”
Ahmad Hamdi Ahmad Abdeen, Jordan

“Turkey is a nice country to be as a student and in the business world. Turkey is a place which has very different cultures. I’m coming from Africa, I have experienced a different culture, different cultures actually, of the World and I get to associate with the different people from different countries. I experienced different foods, different ways of dressing. If you know Istanbul, it’s the city never sleeps, you can be up all night, partying with your friends.”
Purity Mawia Najoli Kibisu, Kenya

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