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Istanbul Topkapi University is one of the most prestigious and historical universities in Turkey, located in the city of Istanbul. It was founded in 1453 and is recognized as one of the earliest public universities in Turkey. The university takes its name from the Topkapi Palace, which is located within the city of Istanbul and is considered a symbol of the country’s history and culture.

Istanbul Topkapi University accepts over 20,000 graduate students and 50,000 undergraduate students in various academic programs. The university covers a wide range of disciplines including engineering, humanities, basic sciences, arts and architecture, health and medicine, social and economic sciences, law, and political sciences. Istanbul Topkapi University allows students to participate in technological and innovative study programs and utilize advanced research and development facilities.

Istanbul Topkapi University has more than 100 different academies that operate within the university campus and academic environment. These academies include fine arts academies, music academies, basic science academies, language academies, and urban design academies. These academies offer diverse educational programs and help students improve their practical and specialized skills.

Istanbul Topkapi University provides an enabling environment for scientific research with its advanced research facilities and equipment. Some of the research facilities and equipment at Istanbul Topkapi University include:

Library: Istanbul Topkapi University has a large and comprehensive library that provides students and faculty with access to printed and digital resources. The library houses a collection of books and journals in various scientific, artistic, and humanities fields.

Laboratories: Istanbul Topkapi University provides equipped and advanced laboratories for conducting scientific research and experiments. These laboratories include laboratories for basic sciences, engineering, medicine, and other fields of study.

Research Centers: Istanbul Topkapi University hosts many research centers in various fields. These research centers enable students and faculty to engage in advanced research and research projects.

Technology Centers: Istanbul Topkapi University, through the establishment of technology centers, contributes to the development of technology and the transfer of knowledge to the industry. These centers provide the necessary resources and facilities for research and technology development.

Cultural and Art Centers: Istanbul Topkapi University provides cultural and artistic spaces for students. These centers include art galleries, theaters, concert halls, and other cultural spaces that offer a variety of artistic and cultural activities.

Sports Facilities: Istanbul Topkapi University provides suitable sports facilities for students. These facilities include sports halls, swimming pools, sports fields, and various sports equipment.

With a focus on research and development, enhancing the quality of education, and facilitating the learning process of students, Istanbul Topkapi University plays an important role in the scientific and cultural development of the country. As a leading educational and research institution, the university strives to prepare students as elite professionals with the necessary abilities and skills to compete on a global level.

One of the prominent features of Istanbul Topkapi University is its experienced and specialized faculty who work in various academic fields. These knowledgeable professors enable students to benefit from the latest scientific and industrial advancements and be at the forefront of their research endeavors.

In addition to education and research, Istanbul Topkapi University also pays special attention to community services. The university plays an active role in the social and economic development of the region and the country by providing medical, counseling, educational, and cultural services to the community.

Istanbul Topkapi University also has strong international connections and has established scientific and research collaborations with over 100 international universities. These international connections provide opportunities for the exchange of students, professors, and studying at foreign universities, contributing to the exchange of culture and social and academic experiences.

Istanbul Topkapi University uses English as the primary language of instruction in some of its academic programs. This allows students to strengthen their English language skills and study in a multicultural and global environment.

Istanbul Topkapi University provides comprehensive facilities and services to students, including on-campus accommodation, well-equipped libraries, advanced laboratories, sports facilities, restaurants, and common spaces for social interaction. Additionally, Istanbul Topkapi University organizes various cultural and artistic programs for students and university members.

Lastly, Istanbul Topkapi University focuses on sustainable development and innovation. With close ties to industry and the private sector, the university offers students the opportunity to participate in research and entrepreneurial projects and bring their ideas to life.

Overall, Istanbul Topkapi University plays a significant role in the scientific, cultural, and economic development of the country by providing excellent education, advanced research, and community services. It strives to prepare its students for success in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

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• Haliç University has been continuing its education and research mission since 1998 and it is one of Turkey’s leading private universities. 10,800 students study at Haliç University and the university has 7 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 vocational school, a conservatory, and a graduate institute. Therefore, it continues in a wide range of education, health, engineering, architecture, sports, and arts.

• There are 380 academicians and 65 laboratories at the university.

• The values of Haliç University are reliability, transparency, sustainability, continuous improvement, universality, being a questioner, being a sharer, and being a libertarian.

• The university attaches importance to its students not only to receive theoretical education but also to discover their talents and creativity and to graduate as young people suitable for global competition.

• Haliç University has 4 campuses, all of which are in the center of Istanbul. There are 60 departments in total at the university. Haliç University offers 29 master’s and 6 PhD programmes.

• On the campus on the coast of Istanbul Golden Horn, activities are held outdoors in summer and the cinema hall in winter. The university has a dining hall with a seating capacity of 420 people.

• Haliç University library is open 24/7. In the library, there are night reading halls, study rooms, the opportunity to reach many resources quickly and to access online databases with the cooperation between libraries.

• The modern vision of Haliç University is in harmony with the globalizing world. It makes use of the “Contemporary Quality Principle in Education” to train university students as experts who know, use, and produce science and technology. You can examine the programs included in the “Top 400+ Impact Rankings” of Haliç University. With the VR applied Halic-X Online education system, you will experience both face-to-face and online education.

  • As one of Turkey’s leading private universities, Haliç University has been giving education since 1998 with experienced staff,
  • 10,800 students, 380 academicians, and 65 laboratories,
  • 7 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 vocational school, conservatory, and graduate institute,
  • A total of 60 departments, 29 master’s and 6 doctoral programs,
  • 4 campuses, all in the centre of Istanbul, cafes, dining hall, movie theatre, library, and sports facilities on campuses,
  • The library, which serves 24/7, has night reading rooms, study rooms, the opportunity to quickly access many resources and access online databases with the cooperation between libraries,
  • 50 student clubs and 17 sports teams,

HALİÇ University
Address: Haliç University

İmrahor Cad. No: 82

34445 Beyoğlu – Istanbul


Tel: +90 212 703 89 00

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